How Are Gays, Lesbians, Transgendered Treated In Your Country?


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In my country and in our region (Asia), these people are treated very disrespectfully. They have no respect from the society and they are considered aliens. Specially in our religion - Islam, these people have no moral values and homosexuality is considered a SIN.
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People are afraid of those who do not think, act, or are created as themselves. They lack the integrity and openness to accept people for who and what they are...regardless of gender, and birth creation.
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Lee Jay
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Agreed ... Many people have two boxes, one for male and one for female and if you don't quite fit into either box then they refuse to accept you. But there are many people as well that look at you and will simply accept you as a person. In north America (US & Canada) it is that way.
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Yes, all people deserved to be treated with love but that must be in some specific limits. In our country it is not liked that a person is a gay, or lesbian and there are different punishments mentioned for these types of people. It is due to the fact, in this case the sexual diseases increase on a very high rate. And in our society there are few cases of sexual diseases like HIV/AIDS. Etc.
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A Patt
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I appreciate your answer. Sadly, in our country there are as many HIV and AIDS victims who are not gay or lesbian. Very sad that gays and lesbians are punished in any country of the world for they cannot change the idenity that God has given them. again thanks for answering.

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