What Is Sexuality, And What Are The Different Types Of Sexuality Can Be Possible?


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Well if we see the sexuality term in general then, it means that what is the current gender of a person or any living being, either the male or female. Or more generally it is a type of sexual behavior which can be seen in all living beings.

If we talk in the aspect of sex then, sexuality is the involvement or participation in any type of sex activity. Or we can say that a particular person interest in different sexual matters. It is the most essential need of a living being. If we say about the sexual desires in male and female then, it is a fact that the sexual desires of male is 50% more then the female. If a female want to do a sexual activity once in a week then male need that sexual activity 3 times a week or even more.

There are different types of sexuality means sexuality in different cases like, Animal sexuality, they also have sexual desires. The other is Asexuality. There are many others like Auto sexuality, Homosexuality, means a person is attracted for sex towards his/her own gender person. Bisexuality, who are attracted towards both genders either the opposite or same sex, Heterosexuality, attracted towards opposite gender, Bestiality, it is asexual relationship with animal ,Human female sexuality, Human male sexuality .
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The current gender of person or animal.....
The bisexual
the homosexual
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There IS something called pansexual, which is when you don't care about gender, race, and to some extent species.  I heard of someone who love a cow once, but it didn't last long.  :(

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