How do teenaged girl fights normally end?


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Welll girl fights usually include hair pulling, so they might end with hair getting pulled out. But depending on where you a range of things could happen (police getting called, Arrests, school getting involved, suspension)
Take it from someone who's been in a fight, its not worth it, a bunch of people come up to you ask for your side of the story, they either praise you for winning or make fun of you for loosing ( evven if you won) but bottom line its not classy and definately not worth it. So I suggest you dont do it
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Tiffiny commented would you deal with someone that just needs to get set in their place?
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Well what did this person do?
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IDK i've never seen that :D. But just don't try to fight talk it out with words!
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Probably ends with large clumps of hair ripped out and from my experience as a younger brother there may be a ripped off ear.

    Sometimes both girls end up with a pretty busted ass. Lol
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Meaaw (first cat) meyaaaaawooo (second one) meawooo continues for a while then phow you can find both in some hospital

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