Why is dating another race so wrong to people? I'm white and my boyfriend's Asian apparently it's wrong for me to like someone not my race.


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

One word ! Stupidity ! There is nothing wrong with interracial dating or marriage for that matter ! Not a thing wrong with it and any one who tells you it is, is just plain stupid !

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dating someone of another ethnicity. Last I heard, we are all human. There is a possibility of cultural conflicts but those can be worked out just like any other conflicts between couples. Go for it!

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EBBe lau answered

Yeah, it's always bothered me, that race thing. For example, my mom is Lithuanian, my dad is German. Germans and Lithuanians weren't the best of friends during the wars, but my parents got married when they met in America. People used to ask me, "what the heck, your parents are like, two completely different people!" That's bothered me. It's not really the race, like you were saying, but it's close. Just like that gay thing going on. What's so wrong about liking someone that's the same gender as you? I have family members like that, so what? It doesn't change them, I mean, they're still human. We're all human, and people just don't get that. The people that don't get it are the REAL people that aren't human.

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hey cameron answered

Seems pretty old-fashioned to judge interracial relationships; maybe it depends on where you're from, but around here, no one really cares about interracial relationships, they're just considered completely normal.

Sometimes immigrants can be more strict about it, though, for example I have Korean friends and they say their parents are really strict about wanting them to marry other Koreans.

Personally I don't think it's a big deal.

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Matt Radiance answered

It seems stupidity were there to hunt you. You just shouldn't care , instead, live the way you're comfortable and happy.

Nobody really cares about that in such century. People got much smarter and wiser in general. But yet very traditional people with their stupid small dark world still exist around the world! The concept of these racism actions are gone! But some spots left as we can see small amount of people dwell on race by skins and colors and locations! But it doesn't really matter. Most people doesn't care about these kind of things anymore! We are all human regardless of locations, colors and sizes , numbers ect . ..

I'm American and my girlfriend is Finnish and we are happy and nobody really bothered by this either!

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Jaimie JT answered

I never thought rasism was a problem in Canada until I got involved with someone of another race.. So I get your frustration, I do. Especially if you are used to life being easy and everyone liking you, you have to see their ignorance as just that ignorance :) and shove your  happy down their throats :) just keep be you and ignore all the negativity . Those who matter don't  mind and those who  mind don't fookin matter "

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I have 3 kids of mixed race (black & white). In our society they are looked at as black. Both have dated both black people and white people. Why would you dismiss entire groups of people due to race. You could miss out on something really great.

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There is absoilutely nothing wrong with you dating anyone you chose to date. What os wrong is the narrow-minded people who are judging you. They are just ignorant fools and not worth the time and the energy to even care what they think.

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