How Can A Man Know If His Female Friends Sexual Advances Are Not Just Loneliness? What Should He Do Otherwise?


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Was she recently involved in a break-up...if so, don't be her rebound guy.  I get a strong suspicion that this is the case...♥Nassy
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     Indeed, in such a situation, it is far from subtle that your female friend is curious about establishing a sexual relationship with you. I'd say curious at this point because you've yet to discover whether you're sexually compatible or not. Couples, regardless if married or not, are not always sexually compatible. Usually this occurs if one or both have not been honest and sincere in the manner by which they've been expressing themselves to each other. It's often too easy to slip into a mode of attitude or behavior that is accommodating for your partner, even though it is not part of your true nature.
     In other words, any couple who've fallen in love with each other, often find themselves in a position where they would behave in any type of fashion to accommodate their partner's expectations of their character, regardless if it is a natural behaviorism that they've always possessed or not. It is indeed tricky business when we are to address matters of the heart, however, if both are upfront, honest and sincere about how they treat one another, their behavior and attitude will reflect their personality in all type of situations, good or bad, especially if you're sharing living space together.
     You've indicated that there has always been a mysteriously strong energy between you and her that feels to you as though you're already more than just friends but have yet to admit it to each other. She may also be testing you too...seemingly bouncing these hints of sexual prowness off of you to see how you'd react. She most likely wants you to make the first move, otherwise, she'd not bring up all those sexual innuendos in the first place. Why not find out for sure instead of wondering if she's really wanting more from you than a basic friendship.
     Based on the information you've just provided...there are no differences here to compare about what she has in mind. She's far from lonely because you've already been providing a healthy friendship for her. Besides, this situation between men and women starting out as friends and eventually leading to more than friends, is more common than people believe it to be. I'd say "go for it", not only because life is too short, but it can only make your friendship with her that much better. But, realize this - as humble as you may be, you need to be agressive here and take charge cause perish the thought if she one day meets a man who sweeps her off her feet, you may not see her as often as you may wish and it may ruin this close friendship you've already established with her.
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Maybe she just wants to have sex with you, since you two are so close, she feels comfortable with you. It sounds like you want something long lasting with her. If that's true then maybe you shouldn't have casual sex with her because she may not want that. You need to be blunt with her and find out what she wants, without suggesting anything or it may influence her answer. Just ask, "Is there any particular reason you keep bring up sex so much lately?"
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My best guy friend and I had a wonderful relationship, but you should ask her what her intentions are... And then take it from there maybe she feels comfortable discussing sex with you, and maybe she's hinting at something no one knows better than you.

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