Had sex BEFORE he told me he's abstinent. He initiated sex 1st. Respected his beliefs and did oral, only he initiates sex again. Not going to fight his sexual advances. Had more sex. Now saying he can't do ANYTHING sexual and I'm frustrated. What should I do?


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Amanda Layne answered

Sounds to me like either you got played or this boy needs to look up the definition of abstinence.

Either way, he sounds like a waste of time and space so DITCH HIM!

I guess it's down to what his reasons for being abstinent are, but if they are moral or religious ones, then having oral sex or doing other sex acts is just as "bad" as full sex in that sense, so it sounds to me like the's just using it as an excuse.

Or maybe he's confused and thinks it's ok to use you, so long as he doesn't have to feel guilty by giving you pleasure back.

Sounds to me like OLD WORLD sexual morals, something they did in the Victorian era or something,...

Anyway, my honest advice is get out of that relationship: He sounds immature, confused, insincere and he's taken advantage of you!

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