What Would You Do If The Girl That You Really Love Gets So Angry With You?


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What you need to do is listen -- really LISTEN.  If you had good listening skills, it wouldn't have gotten this far 

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What's so wrong with asking why she's so angry at you? You might have done something (or nothing lol) that you are unaware she doesn't like. Communicate people!
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Maybe she is PMSing you cant just ask people around you why she is mad you have to go to the source. Just sit her down and ask her what is wrong but nicely she could be facing problems with her family or something that she could only trust you with
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It depends upon your relation. For instance, someone get angry with you and you dubious relation-breaking. Take your time, review entire story and track the reason why she is not making good connection. If you find the reason, you would fix that (depending upon your previous experience).

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Dude it just the nature of a women they can do that randomly women have a lot of emotions and and are hella stubborn. Remember dudes are simple chicks are complicated.
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kind of a sexist remark at the end but I'd agree with you on the other part.. relationships aren't normal if you don't fight from time to time.. btw the use of the word courting really cracks me up lol

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