What would you really like to make sure that you get to do, before you die?


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I would like to take a two month vacation. I live on the east coast of America. It would start in the early fall and my wife and I would drive out to the west coast on the northern route, down the west coast and back along the southern route. There would be no set agenda. If we saw something we liked we would stop. If we didn't, we would just keep going. Personally I think this would be exciting and the trip of a lifetime. I definitely need to retire first.

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Adrian Masters
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So how did it go? Tell us all about it. :)
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My husband and I are planning on doing something similar. We want to buy an RV and just go. We were going to buy the RV this year, but our house remodel became a bigger project than anticipated. I think i would like to divide the country up into quadrants and do a different quadrant for a month and do it over a few years.
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That sounds fun. We are moving and having a detached garage built. I am finally getting my garage. :) But at 24x80 it is starting to take on a life of it's own. Lol

Our old neighbors across the street bought a Dodge one ton truck and a great big 5th wheel RV two years before they retired. After retiring they sold their house, moved to Florida and follow the Nascar circuit every year. They enjoy it.
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Mel, about three years ago, I was commissioned by a disaster relief program and traveled to Haiti to provide housing repairs, along with medical aid. At one point during the operation, we were told to go and scrub an orphanage from top to bottom. Of course, while there, the local Haitian children were intrigued by this "boy who's hair his on fire" (my hair is red). Thus, I made many friends among the children.

That was our last job we completed during our time there. As we loaded our belongings onto the bus, a small Haitian child named Jumi approached me. I believe he told me he was seven years old. He tugged on my shirt to get my attention since I was taller than him by a considerable amount. I got down on my knees, looked into his eyes, and let him know I was listening. In a mixture of broken English and Haitian Creole, he asked me to promise that I'd come back. In extremely broken Haitian Creole, I vowed that I would.

I have not been back to the orphanage since this encounter, and it's been eating at me since we landed in the United States. Before I meet my maker, seeing Jumi one last time would mean the world to me, and it would certainly mean the world to him. Plus, that little man still has my sunglasses. :)

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This is going to sound silly and obvious , but I'd want to spend a day with all of the lads from Westlife. My reason? Because I am accomplishing slowly all the things I set out to achieve on this journey called 'Life" , now of course some achievements take longer than others.

But I'd meet Westlife because right now it seems the only infeasible thing that can ever happen. Passing my exams , saving the world , helping Orphans are all things I can and will do now, in my days of youth (or not if I die) , but I am free to do all those things. Meeting Westlife seems to be the only thing I am unsure that will ever happen.  Why? Because with my hectic life and their busy schedule it doesn't seem so possible. So if It could be on my death wishlist then that would be great!

Also another thing would be to change someone's world, make a difference to someone. It doesn't have to be charity , it can be anything from putting a smile on someone who is forever sad or giving a helping hand to someone that makes a massive difference.

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Adila Adila
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I phoned their management but they were being so horrible about it , I have another idea though, I can write to them personally...who knows it could happen!
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Sounds like you're dedicated! Maybe you could film a reunion TV show like the ones Justin Lee Collins did to reunite the cast of Dallas?

What was the reason they split up anyway? Maybe if they're still friends, they wouldn't mind one last show if it helped a charitable organisation...
Adila Adila
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haha! They split up last year! There is no way they are going to get back together in a year! Give them 10 years they might!

They said it was a "amicable split" and they are still "the best of friends and always will be". Their reason for splitting is unknown really, they said they felt like it was time , after 15 years of being in a successful band they felt like the end was near. They were working too much and they wanted a break, they were falling out, having families. They wanted to end on a high.

2 of them are having solo albums coming out this summer though, so I don't know if they could come to a charity event or not. If I begged Simon Cowell it could have worked...
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Go to New York City.

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