What is one thing you want to do before you die??


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Dear Anonymous,

You asked for one thing, and I am about to give four...because since arriving here on Blurt, I have begun a bucket list!

  1. Visit Quebec. This idea came from Jaimie JT, because she says there are lots of beautiful old things there...and I do think of myself as a Beautiful Old Thing...
  2. Flight in B-24 bomber, a 'Dragon Lady,' this idea from Rooster Cogburn. My other aviation-nut-friend likes the B-52, his brother few zillions of missions in Vietnam, and that amazing plane is still active duty projected into 2040! The B-52, aka...the BUFF, which stands for Big Ugly Fat Lover, so I will fly in that plane too.
  3. Trip to Antarctica...just because...
  4. A stay at the Hotel del Coronado, on San Diego Bay; it was mentioned by one of the Grand Ladies of Blurt, maybe DragonFly? It's one of the few surviving examples of the Victorian beach resort, and is in fact the second largest wooden structure in the USA, after the Tillamook Air Museum in Oregon (and I may go there, too).

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dragonfly forty-six
Goodnight, Virginia.
KB Baldwin
KB Baldwin commented
Both the hotel and the air museum are impressive in their own way. I think the air museum (which started life as a blimp hangar, is big enough to have its own weather inside.
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
KB, I have been to Oregon for the great trees, and for the marvelous logging museum...but until researching this hotel, I had not known of the air museum!

Now I am not that far, and just really have a special love for Oregon anyway, since childhood.
I do not recall, are you folks on the West Coast?
btw, every day I see your posts I breathe a sigh of are not smothered with pillow yet... :)
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I wanna get to  sing "free bird "at the molson ampa" theatre while hanging off a red ribbon in front of 50 million people :)  or 20 people:/ .... That's fine ... I wanna do the acrobatics though cos I've been practicing at the gym in the mornings  and I'm very good ... Cos I said so :)

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Hand Gliding.

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Get power, pure power.

Not long life, happiness or health, just power, pure power!!

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I don't plan on dying, so don't need a list. 

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I hope I can live happily with my family and travelling, as it is important to see and know what's going on with them.

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My dad bought a place at starting time of his career and did a lot effort for it and wanted to make a happy home but after completing half of it he passed away and i want to complete it and make a statue of my dad at that place because i never met a person so kind and clear hearted so he is not only idle for me but he is the god whom i met and trusted more than anything and i got everything from him and didn't needed to ask anything from the real god.

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