My Boyfriend Cheated On Me A Year Ago And It Still Hurts And Is Always In The Back Of My Mind. Should I Just End It?


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Yes it hurts to be cheated on..and believe me its not a good feeling. My advice to you yes he messed up.. But if you love him and he loves you. You both have to do it together. Your not going to forget about what he job is only to forgive and to always remember the signs of cheating. His job os to gain your trust be a better man...You and him have to dig real deep..If you are in love..give it a the bible have to have a three part relationship between you, him, and God. If you don't have that in your life than maybe you two should gain a relationship with him first...Find out where both of your hearts are at..if you all are on the same page than stick with relationship is perfect.
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I'm goin through a problem with my gf too, it sucks, but to help... Ummm... Find out with urself, if you still trust him, maybe the reason it hurts is because you think he might do it again, maybe he needs to prove his loyalty to you more, or maybe it jst hurt so bad and he hasn't done anything to let you forgive him for it, and maybe you want a lil revenge to.

But finding out if you want to end it... Id say find out if you rly want to be with him 1st, if he is jst a regular guy and you can easily move on then sure go for it, but if you think you can't move on, because you hav rly strong feelings for him then maybe you shud jst try to work it out and get past what happened. But remember its still your choice, wether you think an advice is good or not, dusnt mean its rite, because I don't kno you, and I don't kno him, so I can't say wats best for you or him since I don't kno you personally

if you want to try to get good advice, ask som1 that knos you both rly good, but dusnt side with 1 over the other, thats equal friends with you and him, they might be able to help you more, and see wats best for both of you
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If it still gives you trouble after this time then it will probably haunt you in the future. Speaking as a male, I would not want to be involved with a girl that not only cheated on me, but a girl that would cheat on anyone. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I would never be able to regain the trust. I think once the trust has gone so too has the partnership.
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Well I say just sit down and talk to him and tell  him how much  he hurt you ..Then see what his reaction is to what you say .I would try not to think about .But let him know he has to earn your trust .Ask him if he still loves you.
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Once you are cheated on by someone you love you break that trust and it's always going to haunt you for the time you continue to be with that person. If you don't have trust then your relationship is not a healthy one. My opinion is once a cheater always a cheater, I speak for myself though and from my experience, good luck to you!
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I know what your going through and it does hurt like hell. Especially if you try and get over it but more things keeps happening to you. I mean I stayed with the man that cheated on me and I'm still hurting by this every day. I wish it didn't have to happen this way. But I look at it this way, I'm the person I am today because of things people have put me through. I can pretty much get through any situation with prayer and faith. If you give your problems to God he make a way for it to get better. Trust and believe and it will happen again. LIfe is so hard and relationships make it worse.

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