Is there ever a good reason to lie?


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There is never a good reason to lie. Whether a little white lie or a big one, there is no point. A lie is just a way of saying, I did something I am not proud of, I am embarrassed by this, I did something....blah blah. You should take pride and confidence in all that you do, and own up to mistakes. Though we all lie, (I doubt we have any Mother Theresa's walking around) its not something taht we should continue to take part of. So, to answer your question, no, there is NEVER a good reason to lie.
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Contrary to your belief, lies are not always (and actually most are not) to cover ones mistakes. There ARE good reasons to lie... I'll explain below.
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What can be a good reason? Hiding the truth? Its best to know the truth, rather than go on believing a lie, while everyone else knows something you don't. I'd rather be told the truth, than kept in the shadows on a subject, especially when there is a chance I could find out the truth from someone else and be hurt even worst. Despite me saying all of this, we all still lie, I'm just saying, we shouldn't.
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Pure foolishness! Of course there are VERY good reasons to lie! WE ALL DO IT ALL THE TIME!!!
You lie to spare someone's feelings from quite possibly great pain. You lie to conceal a terrible cruelty (someone is mean, and you assure the victim of their venom that it's not what they meant), you lie to help someone feel better about a bad situation, you lie to save someone embarrassment (No! I was looking the other way, I didn't see a thing!), you lie to save a loved one from suffering for a poor choice...
Anyone that truly lives a 'completely honest' life, lives a life of misery, complete silence (and sometimes silence is a lie in itself), or social outcast. Humans by nature have bad opinions about things (that color is terrible, the food is too salty, what happened to her HAIR?!?), but the sheer cruelty of expressing those thoughts, no matter how 'honest' they are would cause a person to be socially ostracized. Who would want to spend time around someone that would 'in all honesty' spew the ugliness of their soul out whenever they opened their mouth?
However, it can easily go the other way, of course... Lying to make personal gain, to CAUSE harm, to manipulate someone to do what you want, to cover your own selfishness, to sow feelings of resentment, to cause distrust, ALL are unacceptable reasons to lie, and those that use those forms of lies deserve to be exposed to all and sundry, and have their reputation destroyed, as such lies only cause pain and suffering at feelings of betrayal.
So it all comes down to WHY a person is lying: If you are lying to avoid due punishment, or to cause harm, it's a terrible thing. If you are lying to spare someone else from pain, embarrassment, or grief I fail to see where it could be wrong. Life is painful enough, without having the 'truth' thrown in our faces as well...sometimes - 'We can't HANDLE the truth!!'... That's when it's ok to lie to us. :)
I hope that helps, and you have a great day! (...or do I?) =P
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It matter on what type of lie it is ex. Lets say i have to study for the SAT for about 3 hours a day and i told my mom i only study for 2 hours and i got my ass beat like no tomorrow that is when it is good time to lie
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People  lied  to me  so much  and  played  mind  games  that  is why  i  guess  i  trust  little people ,There  is  no good  reason  to lie ,maybe to keep our selfs  from  getting  in trouble which could  turn  out  to  be  bad  in  the long  run
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No only for a surprise party or somthing like that
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At times very rare there are some good reasons to lie, the reason to lie becomes good if it saves the life of someone or helps someone in a very critical situation.
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I think that depends on the persons attitude , yep some people hate to see others get hurt by the truth , but those situations are rare now a days

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