My boyfriend of three years and we also have three kids together has a very short temper. He is always yelling and blaming things on me. It hurts my feelings what do I need to do?


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You have two choices here; either learn to ignore him or since this is a  form of verbal abuse, take your kids and leave him til he gets some anger management therapy to cool his anger. This will only get worse and will become physical once he figure his yelling isn't doing anything anymore, so the choice is yours here. Good luck

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Well the choice is completely up to you... I just want you to ask yourself this question.. Do you still love him? Because if you do I beleave you can work through anything. Talk to him ask him if anything had been bothering him.If there is a reason for how he has been acting. And tell him that the temper problem bothers you. But remember men like to be respected so don't just ask these questions like you want your relationship to be over do it like you care. I don't think it is necessary to split up but as I already said if it comes to that ok, but see if you can work through it first b4 you do anything drastic.. Hope you can sort this out:)))

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I love him very much, if I didn't, I wouldn't have stuck around this long. He has had a temper for a very long time. Even before we knew each other. I'm not with him because we have kids Together, I just love him and would like for him to be around for a very long time. Thank youu for the advice :) it's appreciated :)
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You had 3 kids before your married? Wow.... interesting. Sue him. JK. I dont know what you should do.

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