Is Early Marriage Good?


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Marriage at any age can be difficult, what needs to be understood by both parties is that marriage isn't just a dress, a Tux, and some cake, thats a wedding....marriage is something that is hard work, and it has to be worked on husband and I have been married for 13 years now, and we got married when we were 18yrs old, and we both put 100% in to are marriage every day...marriage doesn't get a day off, and to have a good successful marriage you have to work at it every day.....the secret to marriage is respect each other, be honest to each other, and don't sweat the small stuff...good luck
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No necessarily Wesley. If you are in a happy place with the person you wish to marry, experiencing 'things' is not an issue at all. I believe that if you can't picture yourself with any other person, then why not seal the deal? Marriage is but a label, love is everlasting. :)
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Not good . If you marry to early you will miss out on some things that you wished you would have not .

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