Hello Guys! My question is Which one is good Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage and why? Please tell me.


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There are good and bad in both. Some people marry for what they think is love, but don't think about having to live with someone with all the daily drudgery. Who is going to do what chores, and how money is going to be budgeted. Some don't even talk about having kids and how thy will be raised until the wife is pregnant. This is sadly when they find they have dramatic differences and problems occur. Others go into marriage having had these discussions and or got lucky and most everything fell in line.

Some arranged marriages are carefully matched. They find people with commonalities and are matched well. Some are hastily matched or ill matched and the couple lives in misery.

In either case honest communication beforehand is key. It allows for finding the best match whether it is for love, or arranged.

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