Does Anyone Know If Incest Is Illegal?


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Incest is legal in eighteen states and the District of Columbia in the US. It is legal under certain conditions in seven states, and illegal in the remainder of the states. There's more to it than the legality or illegality of it. The possibility of birth defects from inbreeding needs to be considered.
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If a woman gets pregnant when having sexual intercourse with a family member, most oftentimes it causes downs syndrome. My father was incest, for me, this is really an ugly topic of which I looked for answers over the years. My conclusion is that there are varying forms of mental illness. Men focus too much on their sexual prowess! lol. Today, due to the program of AA, I have found that celebacy is the way to go until I figure out what it is that makes me pick losers. They say, that a woman will pick a man that resembles her father, a man will pick a woman who resembles his mother. It makes sense because, we look to our parents to guide us as we grow into adult hood. Peace!!!
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Anonymous, It doesn't sound like you or your father had downs syndrome at least you sound quite articulate in what you have said. If you read my answer below you will see the statistics on birth defects of incest children. It is not until the third level (direct generation) it becomes very evident and should be avoided.
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I am in Idaho and I think it is  only illegal if your 1st or 2nd cousins or brother and sister , etc.  I know from experience because my mom and dad are 3rd cousin that it is not all bad. I am just as normal as anybody else , I have no birth defects nor does my brother.
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Almost every country in the world except the USA allows marriage with 1st cousins. The chances of birth defects is about the same as with completely unrelated couples children. Children born to bro/sis and even parent child is only 1.5% to 3% of that of unrelated couples at 1.5% to 2.5%. Second direct children the chances raise to about 5% but third direct jumps to over 10% and should not occur. If the child of incest has children with unrelated person/s all percentages return to normal. Some problems can be removed from the DNA gene pool permanently by incest and when this child has children the children will not have that gene problem return.

The world was populated twice through incest with Adam and Eve and their children and after the Flood with Noah and his family. Other than this, almost every family on earth have 1st cousin marriage in the last 5 to 7 generations of that family. Incest in the last 200 generations.

Society and religion have made incest unacceptable laws make it illegal. Adult consensual incest should be legalized across the board.
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It figures that a biker would ask this stupid question. Do/did you also find a possible mate at your relatives wedding? LIKE MINDS-YOU mean in-bred diseased minds! Sick!
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I don't know if incest is illegal but it is above all ilmoral; I mean what can you call an act that can produce a creature who is less then normal by human standereds. And anything ilmoral should be illeagle (inbreading is a sick bird).

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