What Does Incest Mean?


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Incest is sexual relationships between blood relatives.
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Incest means to have a sexual relation ship between some one in your family. This includes in-laws, cousins and brothers.
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Incest is sexual intercourse between closely related people. It includes relationships like in-laws, stepsiblings and stepparents. Marriage is forbidden among these closely related people by the society both legally and culturally. Apart from the actual intercourse it also includes various sexual relations like fondling or petting by family members and relatives. Thus it is taboo and forbidden in not only old cultures and traditions but also in most of the modern cultures and religions. It is considered a crime in most countries but the definition and the extent of closeness vary from place to place.

It is a punishable offence but as it usually happens between closed doors and is interpersonal it is hard to enforce the law against incest particularly if it is done with mutual consent. It also refers to child sexual abuse in certain contexts. Incest can happen in any family and can happen one time or be an on-going problem. It is a violation of trust and authority that the child places on that person.
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how can a reltionship between step siblings be regard as incest if they have completely different parents. the same must apply to inlaws
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I understand that the taboo is different in different places. Some places the emphasis is on blood relationship. Other places the emphasis is on familiar relationship. In many cultures the son of one brother might wed the daughter of the other brother, no problem. For the son of one sister to wed the daughter of the other sister would be obscene beyond comprehension, same if their mother's mothers had been sisters. There are cultural differences in the boundaries for the incest taboo.
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Incest is sexual relations between closely related persons, usually brothers/sisters/parents/uncles/aunts/grandparents in most countries cousins are ok.
The primary reason for laws against incest are to avoid multiplication of genetic defects in the population, nothing to do with morals. Incest is far more common than people generally will admit.
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Incest is a sexual relationship between immediate family members. It may, or may not, apply to cousins. That would depend on the family.,

There is NO truth in the report that one man set fire to his sister because he didn't know the difference between incest and arson.

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