What Are Some Consequences Of Incest?


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Incest is illegal in many countries to avoid multiplication of genetic defects in the population.
It is not really that big a problem if birth control is used.
But because of the risk of multiplication of defects it has also become socially unacceptable to many.
That is why many European societies decriminalised it - France in 1810, then Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Portugal. It is also legal in Turkey, Brazil and Japan. In Britain, by contrast, the law banning incest was extended to cover step-siblings in 2002. It remains illegal elsewhere, including Germany.
But it can also improve genetic make up, but genetic screening is still not perfected.
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It is immoral, a sin (according to Gods law) and illegal. Consequences could be a prison sentnece and/or eternal damnation for the person committing the crime. Also pregnancy, broken families, and severe emotional damage. If you have been a victim of incest please get help. If you are guilty of incest please get help. Everyone loses in these situations. People have recovered from these horrible acts, but they must seek help.
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Two headed babies. Jail time,physiological damage to victim
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Kids who could have birth deformities, less brain cells for the kids, smaller gene pool.

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"how come rednexs couldn't learn to swim?" " why"  "cause there gene pool was to small"

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