We Will Be Celebrating 25 Years Of Marriage Next St Valentines Day, 14 February. Any Gift Ideas For My Wife.


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When I was working in a beauty salon a women came in in a limousine. Her husband had told her not to make any plans that day and surprised her with a limo at the door. He or she took her to our place for a facial, manicure, pedicure and a massage, and make up. There she was given instructions to go get her hair done, when she was done she was given another note to go shopping for a nice out fit . She was then taken to a nice restaurant where her husband was waiting for her! Figure out the rest!! We were all drooling over this and thought that it was the best!!!!! Maybe this will give you an idea! This lady was definitely loved and pampered that day. A lot of facial and hair salons have package deals that also( have a spa effect) and serve lunch and I don't know anyone that wouldn't LUV that! Come on ladies what do you think? Hopefully this is some help, (you were helpful to me my question thank you )!!!
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A nice dinner in a her favorite restaurant and if it falls on a weekday that you have work, a dozens of roses the night you come home from work and a surprise card before you leave in the morning in the kitchen where you know she could easily see it like in a ref. Or in a coffee maker if she makes coffee every morning. In the card, ask her out for a nice dinner as if you guys are still dating. Also say, I'll pick you up at ______(after work). You can arrange with your kids (if you have any) to not to say anything if they know. She will smile.
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All I can say is just give her love and affection andi bet she couldnt ask for more.
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Grace, my thoughts exactlly.
Padraig, Just give your wife 25 kisses, 25 hugs and whisper "I love you" 25 times in her ears.
When you have done all that, the day will be over, and you won't have to do anything else until next year.
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We have the same anniversary, but 2 years earlier, we took a cruise and renewed our vows on the ship
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How about (if you can afford it) a second honeymoon. It doesn't have to be a long holiday, you could go away for a weekend break. I bet she would love a short break to somewhere quiet and romantic.
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Thanks queenie. I don't know if I could stretch to that but if the money is there its a good idea.
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you can always improvise. I don't know where u live but even a day at the spa(local salon)has pkg deals and will accommodate u and finances . Facials are awesome, hair cuts are needed and back massages ooh nice. then you could have dinner on the table when she gets home...nice music... all women like beauty treats see what she doesn't have time for and there you go ..good luck & keep us posted!
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Go to a romantic place, re create a special time, repeat your vows maybe?

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