What Makes Married Men Cheat On Their Wives?


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Do we need a reason to be selfish now? Anyone who cheats on another person is selfish no matter how you want to put it. You can use every excuse in the book like my wife is not giving it to me but it is still selfishness at the end of the day.
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Usually boredom, the inability to obtain the level of satisfaction from mate that is wanted, selfishness, "Greener Pastures", and a number of other reasons. Sometimes just for the thrill of doing something and not getting caught at it. If they don't get it at home, they will get it elsewhere. There is no cut and dried reason for this behaviour.
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Lack of control. I found out my wife was cheating on me for over two yrs after giving her Roses she cried and told me the truth. Everyone told me to ditch her or cheat on her. Her friend even told me so and basicly told me to have sex with her. Boy o Boy I wanted to but I held back. Now I live in a sexless marriage and just live day to day. Most guys would jump ship. I would say be nice to him. Talk to him and try and do things that make both of you happy. Also DON'T HOLD OUT THE SEX FROM HIM. I think this is the #1 one thing that breaks up marriages a couple gets in a rut and forgets how it was when they first hooked up.
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So they can have a little excitement on the side
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I think its the lure of something better, perhaps needs in bed or just different levels of drive. Also there are many sites on the net now that offer married dating such as EliteAffair, even bigger dating companies are getting in on the act. Basically there is too much temptation to cheat on your wife.
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There are as many reason for cheating as there are cheaters. Some people cheat because they like the trill of getting away with something. Some cheat because they feel more manly when they can attract more than one woman at a time. Some cheat because they are bored at home. Some cheat because they have the morals of a tom cat raised in a alley. Some have no care or compassion for their wife. Some are ready to divorce but do not have the guts to confront their wife and hope to get caught. Some men cheat because they don't love their wife any longer but do not want to divorce because the wife will take him for everything she can get her hands on in a divorce...as she should in this case. Some men cheat because they are looking and searching for something they do not get at home...a woman who devotes herself to him and is satisfied with what little amount of time, love, and compassion he wishes to give.
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Because when they are married there are a lot of expectations and responsibility but with a mistress there are no expectations or responsibility's. There are no commitments just fun yes they pay for there living expenses but if the man doesn't want to be with the mistress anymore there is no court or hurt feelings because there was no expectations of being together forever. Also the mistress usually lives in another town where the man goes for business and he just wants to have a companion when he is there it isn't all about sex
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Slutty married women. Everyone knows most men have no power against a hot chick that is giving all green lights.
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They cheat because they think they will not get caught and when they do get found out they believe they can talk their way out of the situation. Fact is that women start more divorces than men.
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In there nature you can't do any thing even he can cheat in front of you buy giving a dirty looks to other women
Is all because of that ladies do not think abt person she thinks abt only money...if any married man cheats to any lady there is 99% women mistakes...she should think abt a person and his liability...before enter to any serious relationship...
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They wouldn't cheat if their women would satisfy more and keep their men fed. Remember, its always a woman who causes the man to stray.

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