Do Men Usually Cheat On Their Wives, Or Is It 50/50?


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There is no hard and fast rule about it. Anyone can cheat. In most cases, it is seen that men cheat their wives more.

In most countries, men is the one to work for the family and the women to bring up the children and take care of household matters. However, the concept in developed countries is altogether different. There both, men and women work to support their family. Men are more social, so they meet different people and have interactions to women in their employment or business.

A women naturally is more patient and loyal towards her family whereas men has broader thinking. In many religions, men is allowed to have more than one wives but a woman not.

In the end, you can say that ratio of men is greater than the women. Where there is a healthy relationship between husband and wife, the chances of cheating are always zero per cent.

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