How do men who aren't hands-on involved fathers feel about their children only contacting and taking an interest in him when they want or need something(usually money)?


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How are WE suppose to know how dead beats feel? Do they even HAVE feelings?

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Fathers who are non-custodial, but absent by choice owe their children more than money can ever buy.

Anything they might feel is an example of the "doctrine of logical consequences."

Becoming a lousy father is like winding up in Hell---you've really got to want it.

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A truly remarkable and wonderful, insightful...and sad...answer.
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yeah that is true unfortunately and I know since its practically my relationship with my dad and all his girlfriends. Money can't buy trust, respect and love. Its their caring actions towards their child that matters most, not the toys or the money or the junk food.

A hug can go along way...

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