Why Do So Many People Cheat On Their Significant Other?


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People don't believe in loyalty, honor, respect, devotion, trust.... It's too much responsibility, no one wants to work for it, they've gotten lazy, complacent- a bunch of big fat cake eaters... It's a partnership and that's a lot of responsibility.(whew! That a long word!)
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I believe people cheat because they are not happy. They cant get their spouse to understand, but can find someone that gets it.
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I agree, people cheat because they are unhappy. They are still looking for something that their significant others don't have. Cheaters are not satisfied that is the reason why they cheating.
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I think people cheat for one reason. Something is missing/lacking in their current relationship. This needs to be addressed by both individuals in the relationship. In a strong relationship, neither party should ever have the desire to look outside for affection or anything else. Each party needs to put in extra effort to maintain that level/balance of trust, desire, affection, mystery, etc.
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I believe people who cheat are weak in a way or another..that's why they cheat..they can't resist temptation and just want the easy way out of everything..it's just the way some people are..which is really sad. I loved this question, I'm interested to see other answers.
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When it comes to men, they cheat because they are not getting sexually satisfied in freaky ways, because when one girl likes him, his ego gets big and he tries to see how many girls he can get because to him this would build his self-esteem, they cheat because they are greedy and it's just in most of their nature. Now for the women, usually they cheat because their boyfriend or husband isn't giving them the love they want, because he's working, not affectionate, or maybe he makes her feel like trash instead of her feeling like a flower. But it's still isn't a good reason to cheat. If you are unhappy with your significant other then they need to man up or woman up and tell them that they have to change or something about them you don't like and it should change. Some people cheat because they "like to eat their cake and have it" esp. The males. It's women too, but this phrase appears to most males.  Also, I agree with porcupine, but the two couples need to talk it over instead of sneaking around. Some don't won't to talk because they think cheating is cool, but someone needs to be mature or the bigger person and speak up on their relationship. There are so  many diseases out there and it's unfair that an individual is cheating on his/her mate because they won't satisfy each other sexually i.e. Oral sex some people aren't into it but if one is and the other isn't then the other would sometimes cheat and the person they're getting it from could have a disease and they could give it to the mate and kill them and that's so selfish of people. That's why people should talk before getting into a relationship so they can find out if they have things in common with each other sexually and spiritually. It's more but I just listed two. That way they won't have to cheat. But some people still cheat when they are satisfied. I have friends that do it and like I said with the guys it's a macho thing and believe it or not, if their woman did it, this would hurt them tremendously. Goes back to eat their cake and have it. Even women, some of them do this because they figure they could have any man they want to. Women need to be careful b/c most men is after one thing any way. And both you and I know what that thing is. And women are slandered more on this than men, because society allows men to be dogs, but women can't. So cheating is wrong for both and couples should talk about their problems and what each one could do to spice up the relationship.
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People cheat because they are narcissistic and don't know how to love anybody.   These people feed on attention, and once the novelty has worn off, their on to their next conquest.   The way some people act makes me very much not believe in God.

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