What Significant Limitations Do You Feel You Have?


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Whenever you are asked to list out significant limitations you could go for a two pronged strategy. Never list out limitations that will cause a significant hindrance in your ability to execute tasks that will be assigned to you as you work on a daily basis.

The limitations that you list out could be of a type where they are not actually limitations. One of these could be where you confess that you are a workaholic and this sometimes takes a toll on your physical health. There are some managers who will frown upon this but most of them would be delighted to have a hard worker on their hands. Another limitation could be to admit that you are anxious about your work all the time, this could give the impression that you are serious about what you do. But keep in mind that you should list out limitations that youl could back up with specific examples.
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what are the employee significant limitation?

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