Help ! Q:Who is your significant other? Q:What makes them so special? Q:What is your favorite personality trait about them? Q:Where did you meet?How did this all happen?How long have you been together? Q:How do you feel about eachother


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Maxine Chan answered
My significant other is Henry and he is special because he is a Psych major, he is intelligent, weird, and funny and that is what I love about him:) This happen when my friend introduced me to him and we started to talk and made magic happen. We have been together for three weeks and we love each other like butterflies.
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sjkb bkjs answered
My Significant other is jason. The thing that makes him so special is he is completley self-less and caring and would put others needs before himself. My favorite personality trait about him is his humor and the way he makes me smile without saying a word. We met at a friends house and initionally started dating without anyone knowing. He was my friend's friend and one day it snowed and we all played out in it like idiots and that night something just clicked between us and we couldnt stay away. We have been together 3 years and married 1 1/2 years. He is absolutley my heaven and everyday with him only brightens my life and makes my heart smile a little wider every time he tells me he loves me.

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