Can You Evaluate A Significant Experience Or Achievement That Has Special Meaning For You?


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Suhail Ajmal answered
You can write anything which you have achieved during your education or professional experience. Suppose if you have got first position throughout your degree then you can tell them that it was the turning point to give you the boost and confidence as you believed in your abilities and temperament by achieving the highest marks.
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cooper shannon answered
First and foremost, when I delivered my two children, Lillith and Raven. I believe they where brought here by divine providence. They saved me from a severe case of addiction. I strive to do, learn, and treat them in a way that will reflect, in the world in the future.

The only other thing that came close was my first gallery opening. My parents showed, there was actually a lot of people showed. It felt good hearing different interpretations of my work. I guess it felt good to finally get noticed as a serious artist.

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