Are There Different Themed Gifts For Each Year Of Marriage?


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I believe that there are themed gifts for each year of marriage.  You can get almost everything for in and around your home plus gifts for birthday's, weddings and anniversaries.
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Do you have a list of all the themed gifts throughout the years of marriage?
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Aimee Rogers answered
There are indeed different types of gifts which are generally given after each year of marriage. For example, after the first year of marriage, on your anniversary, the traditional gift to give should be made out of paper. The second year the gift should go with the theme 'cotton' and the third year the gist should go with the theme 'Leather'. The years go right up to 100 though sadly not many people make it to 100 years together!

As well as traditional gifts there are also more modern ones too. For example, after the first year of marriage instead of giving a gift made from paper, the theme instead is 'clocks'. On the second year instead of cotton, the modern theme is 'China' and on the third year anniversary, the theme is 'Crystal/glass' instead of leather. The differences between the traditional and the modern themes include the fact that the modern themes cost more than the traditional ones do. This is no doubt down to the fact that economy and standard of living has changed so dramatically over the years. Despite there being two different options open to people these days, most people do still tend to go with the traditional gift ideas. It is all down to personal choice.

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