What Is The Difference Between Telling A Lie And Keeping A Secret?


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Depends on the reasoning behind the lie or keeping of a secret.in other words the intentions of lying or keeping a secret.technically they are one and the same.you are omitting certain facts or hiding information that could either harm or help someone.in other words if I ask where someone is and you know ,but they are trying to arrange a award ceremony say for me : ) but you can't tell me or it would ruin the surprise(secret).now you know but instead of telling me the truth you tell a misleading answer(lie) to keep the secret.you have now omitted certain truths/facts creating a lie in order to keep a secret. I guess you could ask yourself this question do you have to mislead(omit/lie) someone in order to keep the secret or not. This is sort of like a banking investment firm omitting truths or facts in a financial statement to either abscond with monies made by keeping a secret or to artificially inflate the stock of their own company in order to make their investors rich not to mention themselves until the secret is discovered by a audit.sort of like berney made off with the money and his buddies.no one else knew the secret/lie until it was brought into public knowledge(the light of day)/until people with a different viewpoint found the lie/secrets.I guess the big question is whether it affects you or not in a good or negative way/your viewpoint when lying/keeping a secret.like judge judy says if you can't keep the facts straight then it's a lie.if it's the truth it will always be the truth and you won't have to try to remember facts /what you said from one moment to the next.blah blah blah a lie and a secret are one and the same just as a small sin and a big sin are a sin in God's sight.whether you take a dollar out of your moms purse as a kid without asking or steal a million from your investors it's the same.it's the same it'e the same did I say it was the same.it is the same.because you never know how a secret /lie will affect someone elses life and your own.blah blah blah I could go on but I think you get the point.
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A lie is that when it is brought up, you make up an excuse that is untrue, or you bring the subject up yourself. A secret is when the subject is brought up, you dismiss it, and you don't bring it up yourself.
Ever heard of a white lie? - this is when you tell the truth, but not quite the whole truth.
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Keeping a secret is not telling the thing. Lieing is telling an unreal answer.
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Keeping a secret is like knowing about a favorite gift,or whatever someone tells you about.
Telling a lie is like hiding the exact truth of something.
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Lie means speaking but the wrong thing or you can also tell cheating but keeping a secret is not telling the thing in this you don't cheat anyone .lies can break hearts but keeping a secret dosen't.moreover keeping a secret is generally for someone's good.
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Hm... Well telling a lie is instead of keeping it to yourself like a secret you tell someone something that isn't true instead of saying the truth and a secret is keeping something to yourself and not telling anyone anything. So, it's not the same thing really. I have done both of these plenty of times though. :)
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Excellent question!!~ I believe Jackyll has been the MOST correct. I have been using lies and secrets forever in teaching my daughter about morals. Yes, Madmacstew, you can lie without talking.....especially if you are around people who do NOT know you well......and also by not talking and telling the whole truth, one can lie quite easily....as far as I am concerned NOT telling me the whole story or distorting the truth is a lie....sorta what the media does in America. The government does it also.

So keeping a secret and lieing is the same thing when asked directly about the secret or when an event is implied to be one way and actually occurred in another manner.
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Wow I never knew tht was hard to explain but now I can't even explain this but I no what the difference is
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You don't have to say anything to keep a secret, but you do to tell a lie. Witholding information is not the same as giving disinformation, although both may get you in trouble if giving evidence in court!
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Your right about a court situation, Mac. "stretching the truth" or twisting info to sound like it's the truth, is a lawyer's forte'. It's also a favorite of all Liars. Whatever way U look at it, Both are Lies. So in this case Jack's right. They're the same.
If keeping a secret is to protect another's feelings, it isn't such a bad thing. Giving misinformation is more of a Lie to me. So it does depend on the reasons for doing so. The difference to me...is whether or not it hurts someone.
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Heres my take on the two. I feel keeping a secret , or telling a lie, CAN directly correlate with each other. The 1st being worse then the 2nd.
  Though I suggest it all depends on the secret. Ex: My son  knows what I got his mother for her B/day, and wont tell. Thats kind of a nice secret.
    But then the other spectrum. I cheated on my wife. It falls hand in hand with lieing. Not telling that secret is worse then lieing in my oppnion.
  As this goes for a relationship? No Secrets, No Lies. Otherwise, your relationship is  doomed for disaster.  (But some secrets can be very nice in the short run. As stated above.
  Just one example, of how the 2 might apply to one situation. There are 1,000s of other examples I would guess.
Thats my story, and I'll stick to it. Signed, Honestabe
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Lying means not letting the truth be known. A liar does not want people to know the truth of what they are up to. To not know the truth is the key here. Deception (saying something true when it actually is false) and secrets (hiding the truth) are types of lies where the truth IS NOT KNOWN.
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There is only a slight difference a lie is cover yourself and a secret is to save somebody loll , I was just kidding. Both are different, they seem to be same but a lie means you say to avoid being embarassed or to cover yourself, a secret is a thing which you should not be telling to others.
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Keeping A Secret Is Like Hiding Evidence ..   In A Way   When You Keep A Secret. You Don't Say Anything Someone Told You.. Lying Can Be Misleading Info..   Destroying Someone's   Characture.. Saying The Wrong Things On Purpose ..Blaming Someone Else. It Stretches In All Areas. There Is Also White Lies. They Say Everyone Has Secrets They Are Hiding. Like If You Withhold Info.. It's   Like Saying   They Took Steroids When You Were The One   Who Did.. You Hide The Fact You Took Steroids And Blame Them.
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When you keep a secret from someone like if someone else told you not to tell your being trusted other wise if you tell a lie its going to hurt someone or a conversation
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A lie is a verbal distortion of the truth.   A secret is not spoken of verbally,   or if it is, it is no longer a secret.
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If you lie it means like you don want to tell the truth. But if you keep a secret if means like you don want anyone to it out
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They are both two disparate segments of the question, one having no relationship in common with the other.   E.g   "Do you walk to school or do you carry your lunch?"
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You are too good, Jackyll!!! I wouldn't want to be ur wife argueing with you!!
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I think the two are completely different.   But I can't explain why.   My brain is a little fuzzy right now.   Sorry.
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Hmm I suppose keeping a secret means not getting onto the subject in the first place for example if it's a secret about a certain subject avoid the subject, I believe that if you lie you intentionaly tell it I suppose it come's down to morlas if you are totaly set against lying then you wouldn't but if it's in order to keep a secret some people believe it's okaii. And I guess by keeping a secret your protecting someione for the better whereas if you lie you may be protecting them for the worse (: Sorrry if this answer makes no sense (:
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I understand what you are saying Oxcloxo.
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Ever heard of being a witness to a crime but you keep the secret of the information you know.the law considers this a crime the same as being part of/or acting in conjunction with the person who committed the crime by withholding evidence which in turn could harm someone or aid the criminal in getting away with their crime/crimes.sort of like bp withholding company information from the investigation of the government into their actions letting millions of gallons of oil to leak into the oceans.
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You made sense and also pointed out that a secret is a lie or withholding knowledge that could harm or aid someone in need of that information.in other words a secret is a lie by the action of not sharing that information when asked.

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