My Husband Wants To Leave Everything To Me. I Am His Wife By The Law And Not His Kids But We Are Scared His Ex Wife Will Try To Fight It, What Do We Do?


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Nope, he has complete right to use his property any way. So , don't worry if his wife will fight than there is no need to worry about it as you will be having full legal right and access after a will.
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There is one problem with your answer... if the ex-wife decides to fight the will for her children, there may be a decision to overturn the will and cut her out entirely based on blood relationship. The better thing for him to do is to consult a lawyer to ensure the wording and legality of his will, and to get advice about preventing a probate court overturning his will in the state he lives in. If there is serious question, the better way would be to transfer everything over to her name now while he is alive, and for her to write up HER will to leave everything to him (if that's what they want to do), that way she already owns it, and no court can take it away...
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I would recommend ensuring there is a legal will in place and that you are the beneficiary on his policies, etc.  Consulting  a lawyer to ensure everything is in place and worded correctly can save you time and stress is case of the unknown.

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