Last month I rekindled an old friendship which I want to be in for life. How can we text more (he's bad at answering his phone)? My fiend tries to get in the way by sucking up to him and his friend wants him to join his group. What will I do about this?


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Danae Hitch answered

I'm sorry, but this sounds so junior-high-like.

It's wonderful that you have re-connected with your friend and that you want it to be "for life". However, life holds no guarantees. He may not like you six months from now.

If this person is terrible about answering his phone, then texting is not going to go smoothly. Maybe he prefers face-to-face conversations. In re-kindling a friendship, you need to spend more time getting to know the person they are now and not the person that you've remembered that they were.

Your other friend that is getting in the way, well, that's how life goes sometimes. If the other friend is a girl, then she may be doing this because you're now interested in the other person.

So, get to know your re-kindled interest. Find out how he likes to communicate. Don't cling - it's unattractive. Find fun things to do. Good luck.

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Denice Notty answered

Don't smother him/her and let him join who he chooses, if he chooses at all, invite him out 1 day out of the week, maybe to a movie or out to lunch, something during the daytime etc. Don't communicate with him until your next planned visit. If your looking for something more than friends, suggest "having dinner" or going out for "coffee one night, if he/she  interested in you, they will gladly except your invitation. Just go slow and easy.

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