How Do I Get Rid Of My Nosey Mother-In-Law?!


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Brenda Harrell answered
Hi, if I were you I would help my Husband find us a place to live. Start looking and if you must find it by yourself do so quickly. Have you tried talking to her or trying to be friendly with her. Sometimes, the son marries someone other than who his Mother had in mind. If so you will never fit in her son's life as far as she is concerned. Your Husband should know that your marriage maybe in serious trouble, if you do not move. Tell him that he can still help his Mother, while he is living somewhere else. If that does not work, start going through your Mother-In-Laws things, start talking to her friends about her personal affairs. In other words fight fire with fire. One of you will be gone soon. Take care!
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You have another choice, to fight fire with water. Sometimes mother-in-law feels that she lost her son as he marries, specially when her husband is not beside her. She might be evil with you, coz she wants somebody to be in her side & that person is her son... So, you should give her a hint that you & your husband will help her whenever she needs you. Try becoming a friend to her by making a connector between you & her which could be a grandson. Tell her that she will be a grandparent. This may help you & make her a better person. But if all these things didn't help, then I think separation is better. remember that it will take a while to change a person, so don't be in a rush . Just keep your marriage successful.
Wish you all the best :)
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Try to hook her up with someone so she focuses on them and not on you or take her to a senior center for people her age.

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