How Do I Get Rid Of My Sons Girlfriend?


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I don't mean to be flippant, truly, but have you ever heard of "house rules?" Sounds like you should have put some into effect quite a while ago. But that's proverbial water over the bridge now.

If your sons' girlfriends have children, it does not mean that they are troubled OR that they are bad people. If this were my son, I would ask him to explain to me what he loves about his girlfriend so I could understand and accept her more fully. There is good in anyone if you are willing to look deeply enough and go beyond your own bias. I wish you peace of mind. ~Pasha
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The best way to get them out of your home is to develop hatred in the hearts of your son. You should have such points which can effect their minds. When you tell the facts to your sons, they compel to kick them out. Having said this, If the girls are good and your sons are happy with them, then don't make a false story. Let them enjoy their life as they want.
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I understand that you as a mother want the best for each of your sons but when it comes to decisions and choices they are there own beings. No matter right or wrong when they find it within themselves to let that person go and do right for themselves they will so try to be patient even if you don't like there choice just remember to always bond with the grand kids though good luck.

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