How Can I Know That My Girlfriend Has Cheated On Me With Her Ex?


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Check her mobile phone for text messages from a certain unknown number that may come up or if someone rings her and she says "its ah my grandma or just a friend" that you may not know of.

Or find out whats she is doing on the days she is not with you so you can check up on her. If you see an unknown number on her phone get one of your mates to call it (a mate your girlfriend doesnt know) and see if they answer and ask who they are talking to because you got a missed call from them or so and so told you they are really good at something you need inquiries about and you needed to contact them. Just make up something. Or get a mate who your girlfriend doesnt know to find out from her friends or friends that are friends with the ex the last time they were seen together.
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If she acts weirdly. If you will question her faithfulness she will be defensive or she will be angry. Check her phone,  check her inbox, sent item, or log. If you will see an unknown number or a name of a guy whom do you not know get the number. Call him or text him. Pretend that you were your girlfriend. Or you can pretend to be someone who he does not know. Just ask him everything you want to ask. Then if your instinct is true talk to your girlfriend. Break up with her. And tell to your girlfriend that you know that she has been cheating on you. And then leave her. It is up to you if you will follow this). And also tell her "thanks for teaching me to love someone better than you".

----awww...I really like that good luck though...

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