So My Girlfriend Cheated On Me With A Giant Black Guy. He Then Decided He Wanted Me Too. Should I Dump Her?


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Joan answered
Why would you subject yourself to a girlfriend that you can not trust and who seems to be lacking any morals?  But, it is your life. I would think that you deserve better.   Just remember, there are young ladies out there who would be true to you.  If she has cheated once, will you be able to trust her in the future??  It is your decision.
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Too late - she already dumped you!
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No, get both of them, make a video and make money!
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A GIANT black guy? Where did she find a giant? I have only seen them in movies. He probably only "wants" you for beating-up purposes. Whether or not you dump her is up to you. She doesn't sounds like much of a girlfriend, but I'm old fashioned.

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