I've Cheated On My Girlfriend But I Love Her How To Get Her Back?


4 Answers

John Thomsen Profile
John Thomsen answered
Stop thinking with your dick and then the next time you find someone to trust them be appreciative and act like a man not a little boy with a hard on for anything that holds still long enough.
Patricia Woods Profile
Patricia Woods answered
For one you would of never cheated if you REALLY LOVED HER.
Once you lose trust it is very hard to get it back. Give her time and show her how much you love her by not being with anyone else. If she sees that you are being faith full she may have a change in heart.
alexia smith Profile
alexia smith answered
You don't deserve her if you cheated on her.
alexis brooke Profile
alexis brooke answered
The way to get her back is to tell her your sorry but at the same time I should show her your sorry but you have to really mean it and if you realy love you wouldin't cheat on her again.

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