He Went Back To His Girlfriend, Why Does He Keep Talking To Me?


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Well it seems that he is not clear in the mind yet. Perhaps he had a crush on you but could not get over his girl friend. Some relations are hard to forget. They become a habit, and you can not forgo them easily. His relationship with you seems an infatuation to me. You should move on. He might not be able to leave his girlfriend for good.
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Sounds like he wants the best of both worlds, so to speak. He does not want to let his ex go and he wants to keep you too. He cares about both of you and does not want you to be hurt even though he knows deep inside, the damage is done. You need to move on and make sure to let him know that he can't do that, he has to choose one or the other.

The Guess Who (or one of those bands) has a song from the 70s that talks about making up your mind. This song refers a lot to this type of situation and he needs to know that it has to be done as too many people will be hurt just like you, if it continues.
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He probably likes you as a person but hes in love with his girlfriend. You should ask him what it his motive talking to you but he went back with his girlfriend. If his answer does not seem clear or right to you then you be the bigger person and just stop talking to him. Tell him you wont continue to talk to him until he makes uo his mind about what he wants. He is probably bored or just using you. Its not fair to you nor his girlfriend. He should be focused all on her since he is with her and he is playing with your emotions. Just think of it this way if you were his girlfriend how would you feel about him talking to another girl the way he talks to you???? You probably wouldnt like that. Well I hope thid opened our eyes a little bit and helped with your question.
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For starters... He has issues about being with one person! I'm sure you are not the first women he has cheated on her. If he keeps going back to her then he must have some sort of connection to her... Meaning feelings. As for you... There must be a quality that you have and his girlfriend does not. Such as good in bed or a sense of humor etc... Etc...   P.S.  You don't deserve the emotional roller-coaster he puts you on!!  I know it may be hard but try to forget him!!
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I guess he thinks hes a playa wen hes not if I caught him in his own lie..!*or he just wants 2 know whut gurl really likes or love him..!*he's just confused and doesnt know who to love..!*or he just wants sex frum yu nd really loves her or its swithced..!*

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