I Don't Like My Son's Girlfriend. She Is Very Needy And Controlling. How Can I Get Along With Her And Not Alienate My Son?


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Thats a tough one. The only thing that I do when I want someone to leave is to PRAY THEM AWAY. I ask the Lord to bless them in a different direction even into another state and it works because your blessing them and not wishing them ill. I pray that everything works out for you and your son. Like I said, Pray. Pray that your son will see what shes really about. Pray that he gets a good job and goes to school. Pray for her as well with a good heart. Good luck and God Bless.
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I have a simular situation regarding a son's girlfriend. My son is 21 and this is his first experience with a real relationship. She is very needy and controlling. She comes from a broken and doesn't know what a real loving family is all about. I have tried to accept her (on behalf of my son) until lies came into the picture, which could (in the long run) damage my son. They have only been together one year and already she has him on the wrong path.
There is now a child in the picture and My son has stated his girlfriend is not marriage material (but is willing to try to hold on to maintain his responsibility with his   child).
I had to step back and remove myself from the scene for I was getting sick from the whole ordeal (he dropped out of school, lost 2 jobs due to her constant call regarding his where-abouts). Sometimes tough love is the only thing that could help. I hope that is true in my case.
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Depending on how old your son is, I would find a polite way to say that you don't approve as much as you would like to. Maybe mention that you would like the visits kept to a minimum.
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One's liking and disliking cannot be imposed on relatives or friends. You have your medium of liking and disliking while others may have other standards of liking and disliking.
So far you question that you don't like your son's girlfriend. She is very needy and controlling and now you want to know how could you get along with her and not alienate your son. Following suggestions can be given in this regard. First of all you should start realizing that you are an old man while your son is a young man. Your standards being a matured man will definitely be different from your son's. You have passed a great deal of time in your life and gone through different experiences while your son is too young for all these things. He loves his girlfriend while you know the actual character of her personality. You want to control the situation without annoying your son. You better try to cope up with the situation and make different compromises with your son's girlfriend as well as with your son. Try to highlight the faults of that girl in front of your son without exposing yourself and make him realize the after effects of those faults. If your son is a bit sensible, he will start avoiding his girlfriend gradually and your problem will be solved.
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I tried to get along with my sons girl friend, I have know her for 13 years and my son said he knows what she is with, but loves her, she has been with other men, she has slept with my daughters boyfriend, my son is 42 and his girl friend is 39

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