Is it wrong to break up with someone because you feel they're too attractive? My girlfriend is very pretty and she gets hit on a lot, so I feel like she constantly is cheating on me. I feel like I am out of her league.


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What? You want to break up with her because she's too attractive? Geez.....that would make me feel terrible if my man told me that! It would make me feel like my other qualities weren't worth a hoot! So other men hit on her, so's another way to look at it, when guys are looking at her, stand tall, puff your chest out, and be proud, other men are looking at what's yours and they can't have it! Please don't tell her you feel like she's cheating on you if she's not....I know how that feels, it'll make her feel angry and terrible about herself even though she didn't do anything. Good luck!

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It is your decision if you want to break up with someone or not, but I really think you should think about your reasoning... breaking up with someone because they are attractive would be considered the wrong move in most people's books!

It can't be nice seeing your girlfriend get hit on by other boys, but this is not her fault, and it seems unfair to punish her for it. Just because boys come up and talk to her does not mean that she cheats on you. If she is a good girlfriend, she probably doesn't want these boys round her all the time, and tells them to go away. 

I also don't like the saying 'out of her league', as I believe that everyone is equal. Your girlfriend must be with you for a reason, so she must like the way that you look. It seems a shame to ruin a good relationship over looks. 

Especially if you think your partner is too good looking!

Besides, looks aren't the only thing that matter in a relationship. For many people, it's not just about finding someone that is physically attractive, but the character of a partner can have a huge impact on how a relationship will go. 

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It isn't wrong at all. Your girlfriend is pretty and this may make her too confident about her self. It is obvious you can get a complex dating her. Maybe it is hampering your confidence. Relationships always stand on equality; in future, she might be bossy or boastful. It's better to break a relationship which stands even a slight chance of mistrust or complex. All the best for your decision...

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