How Do I Get Rid Of My Sons Girlfriend?


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The best thing to do to tell and aware your son about her mistakes and disgraceful things and behavior. Make your son realize the consequences if he follows her. You can only win your son's heart if you could find a strong evidence of her wickedness. Watch her closely and pick the point.
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She after him giving her a ring says " I just want to be friends. On cukoo drugs, goes to therapy, wants to commit suicide,,, says she has been raped, etc. Has a visual impairment and uses him for a taxicab and that is all. He has low self confidence, things he can't get anyone else.
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You don't say why but I just read someone's question about how to get rid of her sons mother, who was terribly invasive Don't be that person. The best way is to let your son choose and learn to make his own mistakes. Another good thing to do is keep your friends close but keep your enemies CLOSER, which means be nice to her and pray he will be man enough to make good decisions on things that affect him negatively and better decisions on things that affect him positively, through your parenting skills.

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Just let your son know how you feel and that's all you can do..leave it at that some people learn lessons by themselves from experiences.
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Ill send you a prayer as I have the same prob as you and its horrible.. Please do the same for me I have no answers

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