Is It Normal To Think My Girlfriend's Sister Is As Hot As She Is? They Are Twins.


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Well they do look the same, so that's kind of understandable. But you have to remember that they aren't the same person at heart. You have memories and feelings with your gf, memories and feelings you don't share with her twin sister, its normal to feel some sort of feeling toward her sister physically, because she looks the same as her, but don't ever forget, that it isn't her
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If they are identical then no.You can think a woman is attractive just don't forget who you are with.I tell my husband all the time that I know there is  attractive woman in the world but just cause you got married doesn't mean your blind you can look at the menu just don't order
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Ugh dude I know what you mean because my gf has a twin sister to. I love my gf more than anything in this world, but like you also when I see her sister I am also very attracted to her because their both very good looking girls. But what I have learned is that I love my gf for who she is and her looks. It's confusing but I I can't picture myself loving her sister the way I love my gf because they still r different people and my gf has the qualities that make me love her not her sister. I think your just attracted to her sister physical appearance not her type of qualities.
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It's perfectly normal. Attractive girls don't stop being attractive just because you're taken, not even by their sister. You can find her attractive, but the minute you do something about it, then you cross the line.

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