Is It Normal For Me To Kiss My Girlfriend's Ass?


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There's nothing wrong with wanting to kiss or direct sexual attention towards your girlfriend's ass; the important thing is to make sure you are catering to your girlfriend's sexual needs too.

Kissing my girlfriends ass 
Sexual activity often doesn't get the open discussion and debate it merits because people feel self-conscious or uneasy talking about the topic in public. Luckily, the internet has become a forum for sexual dialogue, and this has helped break many taboos and dispel myths about sexuality.

Whilst oral sex that is performed on a female usually focuses on the vaginal area, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using your mouth to kiss or stimulate a woman's behind. The anus is a sensitive erogenous zone and, for many women, stimulation of this area can be just as pleasurable as clitoral or vaginal stimulation.
Things to bear in mind before kissing your girlfriend's butt 

The first thing you'll need to think about is 'does she enjoy it?'

Kissing the cheeks of a woman's ass may seem harmless enough, but some women might not feel comfortable with the idea. You can try checking with her verbally beforehand, or you could also try kissing her thighs and move up gradually. Either way, if she isn't happy with it - get the hint. If she's not enjoying your advances, take note and try something else instead.

The other aspect you'll want to bear in mind is how far to take it. There's a big difference between a few kisses on the ass and fully stimulating of the anus.

Be open about what you want in bed, but also be respectful of your partner: That's the best way to play it in my opinion.
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There's nothing wrong with that, it's a feature of women that many guys love, and most guys do kiss it. It's perfectly normal if you like that feature of your girl.
Why would you think it's weird???

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