Is It Ok To Kiss A Boy When Your 12 Years Old?


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I'm twelve and iv'e being having boyfriends since I was 10 or that , just them relationships that you pass eachother on the street and go red and say nothing , wasn't serious .
But I recentley got into a reltionship with a guy who was friends with my cousin , he was fourteen , my height , real handsome , but very shy . Before we started going out he said he like me and he wanted to get with me first and take it from there . So we met up and went to a corner in a car park and we werw with eachother , so the next day he asked me out .
We were going out fer four months and we met up almost everyweekend , we talked , french kissed , hugged , and just sat together in a happy silence . But after a few months  things started getting weird , my parents became curious and my sister told them about him they took my phone off me and all means of communication . They told me I was too young for that stuff , and that the age fifteen and sixteen is time enough for kissing guys . I was well upset and I still think about him a lot . I think about asking him out again sometimes , but then I stop and think ' theres more to life at my age than this , why get caught up in a silly relationship instead of meeting with my mates , going to disc'os and having sleepovers .
I'l be old for long enough , and four words make me stop and say no to boys the last whille 'just live you'r life '

hope it helps .
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It is ok to kiss a boy if you are only 12 years old I have 12 and I kissed my boyfriend like a million times
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Wow realy? I`m going out with a boy at my school he`s cute! : D

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Yes absolutly
I am twelwe and I got asked out last week on our year 7 camp.
We both love each other and he takes care of me :) he took me to the movies, we held hands and he  said my name so I looked, then he looked me in the eyes and kissed me :) he huged me good bye and the next day we watched the sun set together. I love him so much
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But make sure you know the person and really like them or the whole thing will blow up in your face...
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I'm 12 and I really want to lip lock with a guy I don't go to school cause I'm home schooled. What should I do? Also my parents won't let me.

  Sincerely your desperate friend
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That's a bit too young really. And why are there so many 12y/os on here The age limit is 13!

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I am 12. It is very normal to kiss at the age of 12. Tbh I haven't had my first kiss yet but my boyfriend is trying to puss me. Many of my friends have had their first kiss. But remember to be responsible.

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Sure I'm sure that it is just don't  ever let a guy touch you anywhere! Its bad 2 let a boy do that.
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What the heck.hellz yeah.!.I'm 12&ive even frenchd kissd mah boyfriend.I really wuldnt care.if I really likd hm.nd.ido so we do he makin you do more.umm USE A CONDOM.!.because.I use a condom&nun much happends.N.E ways hell yea itz ok to "Kiss" at age twelve.

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