Is it ok for 12 year olds to kiss on the lips a lot?


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Hans Diidorr answered
I don't think so personally, I think you should be interested in other things like games and books and if you are in a relationship then hold hands, hug, go on dates.... I even think your too young to be in a proper relationship. But you might be on of those proper mature 12 year olds, I don't know...

But then it doesn't make you a bad person for kissing either, your young and that's the time for making mistakes =p
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If you are asking, then you may feel that kissing at this age is wrong or bad. If I doesn't feel right then maybe you should wait till you are a bit older. But, if you feel fine with kissing, then it's okay. You could also talk to your parents and see what they think.
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Melanie Hope
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I'm fine with it, I'm just wondering what others thought about it. And I don't want my parents to know
Tatumn Parmentor
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If you don't want your parents to know, then deep down inside, you know its wrong.
Melanie Hope
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No, I don't mind them knowing, but it's not like were gonna go and start making out at the dinner table!
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Just dont rush yourself
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It depends but not good a lot for 12 y 

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