When is it ok to kiss on the lips? What age?!


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I say 11-12
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I kissed a boy on the lips when I was seven then I punched him when he said ewwww! He deserved it. Usually teens are dating and kissing at the age of 12 and up. Our society dose tolerate, but I say people shouldn't date till there at least 16. Before that age most teens can't figure out who the heck they are let alone fully understand a romantic relationship.
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I wud say 11 or 12 wen they start middle skool because wen they start middle skool theyll go to partys and thats the frist game ppl will play at middle skool partys

my daughters 12 and I dant mind because they play spin the bottle but then1 thing thats not ok is if some kissses some1 and they havnt had there 1st kiss
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I say 11 so 11 year olds kiss plz oh and french kiss
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Ok first many parents dont let there children date at the age of 11. Next French kisses are not allow to be use until at the age of 17 and up... Last I am not a parent but I am a students that jave a girlfriend and know what to do is right an what is not right.....
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I would say a little 1 second kiss is apropriat at 11 but no further than that I kissed when I was 11
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I had my first kiss when I was 13 now I'm 14 .
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Any age :) My first kiss was at the age of 10. Now I'm 17 and seriously enjoy making out :) So fun!
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I was 11..I'm now 17 and I'm engaged to the best..its okay to kiss when ever your ready and you fill the moment is right..hope I helped:)
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I was 24 when I first kissed. The more you wait the more apprehensive you get. I would say 18 is a good age.

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