Is it ok for a girl to kiss another girl?


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Jaimie JT answered

Katy Perry kissed a girl and she liked it , so yes it's aight :)

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Ellie E. Weedon answered

Yes, it's okay.

Kissing another girl or being attracted to other girls doesn’t automatically mean you’re a lesbian. Obviously, it could mean you’re a lesbian, or it could mean you’re bisexual. Or it could mean nothing.

You could have just been curious and you did something a little spontaneous. It’s totally possible to think other girls are hot and still be completely straight.

It’s also possible to be straight but still be willing to experiment a little bit. In fact, it’s good to experiment! It’s a good way to explore your sexuality.

Haha, good luck.

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Charles Davis answered

It seems it is more wrong for a man and woman to kiss than it is for a man to kiss a man, or a woman to kiss a woman. If I were to kiss a woman, me being a man, I could be accused of "sexual harassment" and it would get HUGE attention. However if I kissed a man, and he cried "sexual harassment" he'd get laughed out of the HR office. So, I guess it would be best asked to an HR attorney.

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Matt Radiance answered

It's totally fine! It's a personal preference and if you desire it nobody is qualified to say if it's not fine!! It's totally fine as long as you feel it fine.

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Michael Poland answered

Love is Love.

It's all you need.

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