Parents, I want your opinion on me moving out of my house?


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I'm 20 years old with $25k saved up. I also have a job and am a full time college student. The apartment is only about 10 mins from my family's home. I will be moving out with my boyfriend and best friend, who both have jobs and go to college. My mom has been manipulating me and guilt tripping me to stay, and i'm falling for it. I need opinions

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1.) You're old enough to move up but when you live with other people whether Friends, Relatives, Boyfriend whoever they can say they will help out but after you all move in together guess what no one will pay anything or they will make excuses up they can't pay so yes you got to be careful my advice is move out on your own.

2.) You're Mom & Dad might want the money you have parents can be that way after they see you saved up well guess what we want some of that money you have then they end up giving you a guilt trip so got be careful?

3.) Be sure you will have enough money to live on your own , you have Rent and sometimes you will have Bills not included so you got to do what you can end up paying for outrageous Rent and Bills and if things are not included then  ..I live with my Cousin, I have high Bills and nothing is included so it's a rough road here and we are looking for something with Rent and some Bills included.

4.) So I wish you the best but do double thinking you are young I am age 52,  I'm going down that road so I do know what it's been like I wish you the best but by all means, if you have enough money to do it and living with others will work out best wishes but just be careful cause living with others can be NO BED OF ROSES



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