How do I get my parents to unground me after they found out I had 7 guys stay at my house last night?


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Vicky Ticha answered
Act completely perfect and do what they ask you to do, wash the dishes and clean and hoover the house without being told etc. That is what i do after i mess something up lol . . Also should stay away from people coming to your house for a while :L hope this helps but i think it only depends on what kind of parents you have if you want them to unground you
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You broke their trust in you, and only time will soften them up.
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Jordan Cudmore
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They are real cool though , they let me drink and I can tell them anything , this time I think I went a little far though
Forest Lone
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Yes, but you do things they approve of, but you did this without their approval.
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Carly Girl answered
Just say mom didn't you have guys come over to your house when you where a teen
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Arthur Wright answered
This is probably going to take a few hundred years to smooth this one over or until youre 18 and move out
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OY!! Well thats not an easy one to answer i mean you totally disobeyed rules im guessing. But you could try the whole cleaning and sucking up to them and maybe they will lift the amount.
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Emma Veliz answered
Impossible. Lesson learned not to do it at all. I hope you werent the only girl eighter.

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