I am 13 and all of my friends drink. I really want to get drunk on a sleepover or something, but my parents would kill me if they found out. How can I drink without them knowing or getting massively drunk?


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A Sleep over at a friends house usually works if they are supplying the beer and what not. Just as long as you do not drive or walk around town while drunk I would imagine that it's a safe way to drink while also being safe and under the radar. Parents usually never bug you if your going to do a sleep over, they may call to check on you, if this happens simply plan ahead and have everyone ready to fall silent and still while you tell your parents that your busy playing "video games". I would also reccomend to drink with friends that are of your same sex only.. Just to be safer. The reason for this is that when drunk, a woman and man can and will engage in unprotected sex while intoxicated.
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Have you read of the many deaths that have happened to young people all because they did stupid things in life. If you drink with your friend then those friends will drive you home drunk and the chances you get home alive may be very slim. Be smart and do not drink.
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Either get drunk and stay at your friends house until it wheres off, or just try it.. But I seriously wouldn't do it if I were you. I'm 13 also. N I know if I wanted to, I wouldn't because you never know if they'll find out or not. Your friends' parents could walk in or something. Other than that, you're too young. You have your whole life to drink. I understand tht you want to try new things, but once you start drinking, your going to want to do it more than once. So if you do, best of luck, but be smart n say no!
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Best not even to get started as this is really stupid and this is exactly why and how so many teens get killed on the roads every year. Just because yor friends do it doesnt mean you have to as honestly, its not worth it, getting drunk and then sick and vomiting all nite and the hangover the next day.  Youre only going to hie it so long from your parents and they willl find out one day and I pray its not on a funeral home slab one nite as this real does devastate a family so think real hard here before you do something thats really stupid
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Oh come on! I'm not going to die from getting drunk one night with my friends - in a house, not going out - on a sleepover? Surely doing it once isn't going to make a difference. And it's not just peer pressure, I want to!
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If you do it once you will want to do it again and again....plus do you want to live with the guilt tht you went against your parents wishes?  And you are way to young...I'm 15 and hav never touched alcohol it does so much to you....even on the first time you have it! Yeh its only once in a sleepover but you know it can lead to addiction....why don't you stick to sumthin mre light?
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I am 15 and all my friends drink..I keep myself away because you might have fun with it now but when you get older (and more mature) you will completely regret it.
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I Drink Wen My Moms Out Of Town,Out At The Clubs, Hanging With Her Friends Or after She's at the club n I no she'll be At Her Friends House after, thats wen I drink But Not That Much Just A Drink here n there
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You can't use the words drunk and responsibly in the same sentence,you are either drunk OR responsible you can't be both.
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I'm sorry you can't go to the sleepover. If you go to the sleepover, you'll be grounded for a VERY VERY VERY LONGGG TIME.
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Go ahead and drink...then take asprin in the morning so that way, you don't feel like you have a hangover. Yout welcome. And remember...drink drink and drink...you'll love it! Just like me!!!!! :)
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Okay I'm 13 too .. And MOST of my friends are not virgis ... So like a dmb but .. I'm not no more and I regret t so much ... If you really want to get drunk make it your cosest friend ... And just loc yourself in the room nd start drinking.
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I've never heard of somebody wanting to get drunk, but if you ever were drunk I think it's necessary your parents knew. If you ever drink a lot with your friends make sure that one of your friends has nothing to drink so that they can be the responsible one in the situation because honestly, responsible and getting drunk don't mix, though I kind of see what you mean by 'responsibly.' You mean no pain, no vomiting/stealing/blacking out/waking up with no memory. Why would you want to get drunk? People drink to get rid of memories....if you're still young enough to have protective parents I have no idea why you'd want to like forget something
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Well honestly you are way to young to drink, I'm 16, and I suggest you don't drink with your friends for many reasons. You may think hey this looks cool lets do it but in reality its not. Drinking messes your liver and your brain, and heart you only have one of those and losing one will lead to death. It can be addicting and once you are addicted its hard to stop. One day you might even be turning verbally abusive to your parents or the ones around you. It is VERY important for a girl your age does not consume any drug or alcohol. Drinking most of the time leads to a girl to wanting to do drugs and have sex, and your 13 sex at 13? Is really not good. So please step away from the alcohol. I've been down that route I hated it, most of my friends went that way well I stayed under the influence, And most of those friends have either been arrested, in a hospital, or sent somewhere faraway from their family's to get help, and one has become a teenage mother. So please take this seriously don't think until your at the legal again to drink. Messing up your life once changes your life forever..
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I wouldn't because it isn't legal and everything. Maybe just one or two glasses but don't actually get drunk because of your parents. Believe me I'm thirteen and I know how your feel so don't get drunk but it doesn't mean you don't have to drink nothing you can drink in small doses. Hope this helps xx
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Well tell you the truth I'm 13 and I DO NOT WANT TO GET DRUNK.... Nun of my friends drink, and nun of them want to... I think we are both to young, mostly you of course because you are the one wanting to... I would hope you wont do it. I know everyone says its great, but it really isn't. Trust me you don't want to get stuck with drugs the rest of your life...
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Just don't get drunk just get a little tipsy thats what I do wen I hav to go home but after getting a little tipsy stay out for a few hours don't drink any more then go bk home trust I do this all the time but now I started to get drunk
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Or if you really do wann get dunk that bad just get drunk then me and ma mates do and were not alloud stay out for a few hours and you should be orite
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Haha it is funny coz a few months ago I was in the same situation. It is of course hard to get drunk while leaving with your parents coz somehow they will find out. I also recommend that you look for activities like sleep overs, camping and house parties. That is what I do anyway..... And if you really want  2 get drunk, please get drunk with the right people around you. I have friends who get drunk till they black out and when they wake up, they find they have no clothes on, or their phones stolen. It is so embarrassing to tell your friends that you lost your phone while drunk here in Kenya. I don't know about your state. Avoid blacking out or drinking till you vomit...I know you know that. Hehe

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