I am a teenage boy and I really want to get my ears pierced but I am afraid to even ask my parents if i can get it done. I am scared they will get mad at me just for wanting to get earrings. Advice?


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See if you just remain scared like this then I would assume you'd never have your ears pierced! So why not give it a try maybe just a try can change your life so just give it a try maybe they will allow you after you have convinced them very nicely! For some lines to convince them you can say like "I really like this and by doing this I don't change into a girl, this my passion and I am really fond of it, I'm sure you'll allow me as you both really care about me, so please can I pierce my ears, please" So you can say something like that!

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Hey, asker here. Thanks so much for your response. I built up the courage and asked. They were totally fine with it! I was really suprised. I got them pierced a week ago and am going in once they are healed to have 2 more done!
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Oh that's really nice! I'm glad they agreed! You just need a try nothing else! Anyways enjoy!
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Thanks again. Speaking of this I have another question, as I said I am going to get them double pierced, but I am wondering if this might look funny since I'm a boy. Lots of girls get this done but I don't see boys with 2 in each ear very often. Please be honest, do you think I should do this? By the way, I am 13 years old.
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It can be nerve-wracking asking your parents to do things, particularly if you think they won't approve - and parents can be notoriously stubborn about things like piercings!

The thing you need to remember is that, even if they are not impressed with the idea, they probably won't be mad at you for asking. They would be so much angrier if you had it done without their permission! A point it might be worthwhile reminding them of if they react badly.

Sometimes it takes parents a while to get used to the idea. What might seem like a horrible idea to begin with, might not seem so bad after a few weeks or months (you might have to be patient here- sorry!). Especially if you're not giving them any headaches in other areas. So keep up to date with your school work and your bedroom tidy, and who knows!

And hey- if it's good enough for the Beckhams....

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