How Can I Know If My Boyfriend Is Serious In Our Relationship?


3 Answers

Tessa Botka Profile
Tessa Botka answered
Can you trust him? Does he love you? Is he constantly wanting to hang out with you? Ask yourself questions like that and you'll get your answer :)
Angie Bumtick Profile
Angie Bumtick answered
You need to think does he talk to you like he never wants to stop? Does he call you sweet names all the time? Does he act open around you and does he treat you like no one else? DOES HE DESIRE YOU? If you believe in him then make him believe in you make sure your relationship is healthy and if it is healthy and other couples look up to you then you're still a really good couple and yes he is serious.
Bertha toyo Profile
Bertha toyo answered
The first thing in a relationship is trust, then other things follow
like; commitment, patience, love, tolerance, etc..... You know if he's
serious by the way he reacts to your commitments; the way he acts when
he does something wrong; the way he treats you in the public; and also
if he cares for everything about you.

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