How Can I Rekindle The Spark In Our Relationship?


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I about cried for you when I read this.  My first marriage broke up because he wasn't interested anymore.  Sometimes it may be good to go way back to remember what it was that first lit you both up about each other and try to recapture that.  Other times it may take counseling by a mediator to find what the problem is, and overcome it.  I know you're a very busy lady (from your profile), do the both of you need more time to reconnect?  Would something like a weekend away together help?  (I wish I had a magic wand to heal relationships that fade).  Try to gently talk to him and find out, in depth, why he began to feel this way -- is there someone else, or do the both of you need time away from computers, TVs, phones, kids, etc?  Then you also have to consider this, as hard as it may be -- would you both be better off moving on?  If not, get alone with each other, talk, get to the heart of the problem -- keyword: Together.  If he insists that it won't work after you have tried everything you can think of, you won't have to look back and say you didn't try.  I wish you the best , I really do, and hope that something I said may be able to help you in some way.  I will keep you in my prayers in this situation.
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Thank you Moe... Your kindness in your answer shows your heart... Blessings my friend.
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There is such a thing as loving someone and being in love with someone and when you give it some thought you will know the difference and yes to be the last to know hurts and hurts deeply but once again if this can be any comfort at all this was meant to be there is possibly something better for you....and this should sure enough be a lesson for you not to let it happen again,not the same way twice,may this help in some small way,I see this question was posed2 months ago and hopefully things have somewhat smooth out.
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I'm sorry to hear this, but in today's society it is very common for people to not "feel" the romance anymore. The truth is that love is about values. Even married couples have times when they absolutely hate each other. But that doesn't mean they don't care/love each other.
I think it's in the little things. Find what they are interested in... Or used to be interested in when they were younger but gave up for some reason. Find things to do together, like going for walks, or volunteering together. The more your common goals are similar the more you will grow towards each other, and hopefully rekindle a spark.
I also generally, remind people that romance isn't like it is "in the movies" and it takes a lot of work to be in a relationship. Perhaps sharing same spiritual values will ensure that your fiance is on the same page as you and won't have a repetitive issue with "falling out of love" with you, or anybody for that matter. People tend to behave the same over time, unless something drastic happens to change their ways. Try to communicate, and listen, and not judge. Good luck!
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I would suggest that you take it easy.  Give each other space so you will get to miss each other. Establish a routine so he continues to feel secure that you are there and not looking for someone else.  Do not nag.  Keep yourself busy....and beautiful. Good luck. I hope this helps.
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I answered a question similar to this a while a ago and I will tell you the same. Discussing old times like when you two first met and how you felt about one another and what made you fall in love with one another. Maybe talk about what went wrong. But when this is discussed make it sound like your just thinking back not like your begging to get back with him. Talk about it with a smile. Be a little hard to get with him yet still available to him in a way. Still do small things that show him you still love him even though he may not love you. Like bringing him something home to eat. And keep up with yourself and how you look. And reconnect with yourself, show him you are your own person.

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